Old C++ Files

A collection of older projects and files in C/C++

A collection of older projects to show that I have worked with C/C++.

A lot of these have not been reviewed. However almost all of them are in working order. Most were created in Code::Blocks, but a few use Visual Studio or Linux.

For the most part, this is entirely C/C++, but I put in a few things that are not. There is a bit of old HTML and Lua in there. I tried to separate it to related things (such as classes or year), but it could be jumbled.

Most of the .exe files will not execute correctly without using a compiler. Almost all projects do not have a "wait for input before closing the dialog" implemented. Some projects may require PDCurses or some other library.

If there is something you really want to know more about or want to get up and running, please feel free to email me at crkellen@charter.net. I may come back and properly sort and document these at a later time.

Download the files below!

Download all of the files here

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