You Must Math

Old-School Dungeon Delver to help practice mental math

A semester long project made for the GDD 325 class at UW Stout, of which I was the client.

You can see the full landing page here. Players explore a dungeon, defeating enemies using math! A tool for practicing quick mental math skills from gradeschool to high school levels. Choose your difficulty and your operators and see how you rank up!

Created in one semester under the direction of Brent Dingle and myself. Further credits can be found at the full landing page here
Please Note: This game DOES work on any mobile device.

This was developed as a GDD 325 game at UW-Stout, where the instructor asked me to volunteer to act as the product owner and designer. To be clear, I was not enrolled in the class, but was an external client volunteering my time to the task. In this role, I designed the game and directed a team of students to develop the game.

Kevin Crowell
Ben Malone
Chole Terry
Derek Sirp
Sammie Klugiewicz
Kyle Morishita
Nicholas Pope

Play the game with the link below!

Play You Must Math!

Gif courtesy of Marko Vehmas

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