Little Sprout Garden

Ludum Dare Challenge 38 - A small world god game

A god game made in 72 hours for the 'A Small World' Ludum Dare.

This is the game that made me love AI programming again! Little Sprout Garden is a game where cute plant people live in a small world. The original idea was that you would spawn items into the world which would cause the AI to interact with them.
This allows for a progression system which is visible in this demo. If you place a stick, then a flint, the AI will combine the two to create a campfire. There was further progression designed past that which was not implemented in time.

This project is not over however! Valmay and I will be continuing to develop this game sometime in the future. When that happens, there will be a dedicated page to the continued project on my website.
I spent almost all of my time designing the base game, progression system, and finite state machine for the AI. This was a major learning experience for me because after the 12 hour mark we had finally come up with a game idea we could feasibly implement. We also had to manage that we live on opposite sides of the world. When one slept, the other was awake.

I had to look at the very core concepts of what made a god game fun. It isn't a type of game I have played much of, nor one I find particularly fun. This wasn't an issue for me however, I just needed to see the base components of what a god game is.
I ended up realizing it was all about simple interactions being combined to create complex interactions. All god games vary to a large degree, but there are always simple interactions which, when combined, create a complex interaction.

For us, this was the creation of a progression system. How does a caveman go from creating fire to creating the Atomic bomb? First you start with a stick and flint, then you grow your population, which will require more food, and so on!
However, due to some pretty major medical issues on my end, I lost more than 24 hours of programming time. I was unable to program as far as I was hoping, but Valmay was able to get a working UI system so our demo was complete in time for submission!

I sincerely hope you enjoy playing the demo, and I cannot wait to work on this again!

Lutz Kellen
Valmay Green

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Screenshot of the game

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