Python Clicker Game

Simple Game to learn Python with the pygame library

A simple clicker game made in Python with the pygame library. Made in roughly 5 hours.

I decided to create a clicker game (albeit minus the clicking right now), to learn how to code in Python. I used the pygame library and focused on learning proper Python coding practices. Your money increases over time. You can spend that money to decrease the amount of time it takes to generate money. There is nothing beyond that at this point.

IMPORTANT: In order to run this you will need to download and install Python 3.5.3 and run it in your command line by using "python" in the correct directory.
It will also require that you install the correct version of pygame hosted here.

YOU MUST CHOOSE THE pygame-1.9.3-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl FILE. Install it according to the instructions here.

Screenshot of the game

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