Unity 3D Capstone Project made in two semesters

My graduating capstone course's 3D game made with in two consecutive semesters.

I mainly worked on the Capture the Flag gamemode (Arena King), which can be seen at the subpage below. More info on this page may be added later. As you can see from the list of programmers to the right, we had 18 programmers to 4 artists. This posed significant problems during development but we were able to successfully finish our game on time.

At the beginning of development I started creating the game using Unity's UNET to create multiplayer. Near the end of the development multiplayer was scrapped for every other game but there exists a local version of CTF and the multiplayer version that I worked on.

Our groups of three were independent from each other group, and the choice to drop multiplayer segemented my group more as we were already at the polish stage. The segementation at this stage meant that I continued to polish the multiplayer build of CTF while another polished the local version of CTF. The end result is that almost all of my work is exclusively in the design of CTF and the development of the multiplayer version of CTF. More information will be on the CTF subpage.

Download the game below to play!

Download to play Olymbots
Capture the Flag subpage

Lutz Kellen
Bryce Cook
Joshua Daniels
Erich Giesfeldt
Erik Gunderson
Jacob Gutsch
Alexander Jobe
David Johnson
Keenan Jones
Kody Kollmansberger
ChueYee Lor
Benjamin Malone
Matthew Podborny
Dale Schwiesow
Amandeep Singh
Derek Sirp
Katelyn Walters
Feifei Yin
Clinton Bone
Leah Mcnutt
Nick Heintz
Taylor Sellers

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