Maze Runner

Random Maze Explorer Game with Combat

A half-semester long project made for a Software Engineering class at UW-Stout.

Players explore a randomly generated maze collecting books and defeating enemies. Collect all of the books required to exit the maze. Infinity mode starts at 4x4 size and moves up from there. Maze generation algorithm and code created by Jacob Toetz. Most of the Unity work was done by myself, with Jacob doing bits here and there outside of the generation code.

Controls: Aim the spear with Right Mouse Button, attack while aiming, using Left
Mouse Button.
Please Note: This game was made with Unity, to play please download and run MazeRunner.exe

Lutz Kellen
Jacob Toetz
Allegra VanRossum
Gif courtesy of Marko Vehmas

© Lutz Kellen. All rights reserved.