Dungeon Delver Rodney

11 Day HTML5 Canvas/Javascript Roguelike Attempt

A small, unfinished roguelike made in 11 days in GDD 325 at UW Stout.

Thanks to the aid of Marko Vehmas, the issue with map generation has been fixed. Maps are randomly generated with a guaranteed solution. Move with arrow keys. This was my first attempt at JavaScript, and the code is poorly written as such, should I attempt a remake, I hope to write a better program.

Created in 11 days under the direction of Brent Dingle.
Please Note: This game does not work on mobile.

Lutz Kellen
Jonathan Worman

Play the game with the link below!

Play Dungeon Delver Rodney
Download the source code here

You can see this updated project on my GitHub:

Gif courtesy of Marko Vehmas

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