Olymbots - Capture the Flag

Unity 3D Capstone Project made in two semesters

My graduating capstone course's 3D game made with Unity in two consecutive semesters.

This is the sub-game of Olymbots that I spent most of my time designing and programming. More information may be added later.

The players start by choosing to host or be the host of a multiplayer lobby. Player can then input their name in the lobby along with changing their color. The goal of the game is to collect the ball located on the top platform and bring it back to your goal when the floor is locked (players' goals will be highlighted).
Players can attack each other reducing health and causing the ball to be thrown from their possession if they are holding it. If players die they respawn after a short while. Powerups are also located in various spots. The three powerups will either increase your speed or damage for a short while. The health powerup simply heals the player.

Controls: Move using WASD. Attack with Left Mouse Button. Lock onto the ball using R. Jump with spacebar. Hold shift to run.
Please note: This game was made with Unity, to play please download and run CTF.exe

Lutz Kellen
Keenan Jones
Dale Schwiesow
Clinton Bone
Leah Mcnutt
Nick Heintz
Taylor Sellers

Download the game below to play! Requires LAN connection on the build.

Download to play CTF (No download yet)

Files should be well commented in the CTF/Scripts folder.
Download the Unity project here (No download yet)

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