Real-time multiplayer browser game using Node.js with

A real-time massively multiplayer browser game created with a full-stack JavaScript server architecture.

Temporarily hosted at: (Contact me if the server is down)

This is where I will be hosting information on the '.io game' I am working on as an independent study. It will utilize Node.js and and be fully hosted on its own website.

The goal of the game is to collect the enemy team's flag on the opposite side of the map. Players move around the gridded world freely, aiming their guns where they point their mouse. Players can place blocks on the grid to build defenses as they approach the enemy base. Once a player has collected the flag, they must return it to their base to score.

Blocks can be destroyed by shooting them, players respawn after a few seconds with a limited amount of blocks. The ultimate goal is to also have different types of weapons and perhaps different pre-generated maps.

DEVBLOG: I am keeping a devblog of sorts through GitHub which you can see here. will be hosted at when it is complete!

You can see project progress and submit issues on GitHub: here

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